Thursday, December 11, 2008

Five little snowmen

This is a noteworthy post because I actually managed to write it on the day of the event!

Sophia performed in the Christmas program put on by her class.  She was one of the five snowmen and she really seemed to enjoy herself.  That is, until Santa Claus showed up.  Colin managed to capture the moment on video.  Her face went from a smiling little snowman to a terrified little girl the nano second she saw Santa Claus enter the room.  After many cuddles and lots of reassurance, she finally worked up the courage to sit on Santa's lap so she could tell him that she would like a camera for Christmas.  When Keenan got his turn, he smiled for all of two seconds before emitting a huge wail followed by flailing arms and legs.  Poor Santa. 


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Cute cute photos!


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