Monday, October 04, 2010

Keenan's Halloween Costume Preview

The kids love Scooby Doo!  They are especially fond of the original episodes featured on the Boomerang Network that we happened to stumble across and have diligently taped on our DVR.  Since I was a first generation Scooby fan, I'm more than happy to plop down on the couch with the kids and watch a couple of episodes.  I suspect that my childhood love of the Scooby Mysteries gave way to my adult love of mystery novels and my long standing desire to be a detective.  So watching Scooby Doo has become our Saturday morning family tradition (just like back in the day, only back then I was the only viewer in my household, so now it is so much more fun! :)  

This Scooby Doo fixation in our household has led to Keenan wanting to be called Scooby Doo most of the day, nearly every day!  Sophia, of course, adores Daphne.  So Sophia came up with a plan for Halloween 2010 that went something like this:  Daddy is Shaggy, Mommy is Velma, Keenan is Fred, she is Daphne and Marz is Scooby.  Marz was less than thrilled with his designated role as he ALWAYS looks miserable and humiliated when he is paraded around in a Halloween costume. As it turns out, I'm not too crazy about trying to emulate Velma and Keenan wants to be Scooby-Doo.  So we found a Scooby Doo costume for Keenan and have pieced together an outfit worthy of Daphne Blake for Sophia.  Colin is always a good sport, so Shaggy might make an appearance.   I think we'll have to make do with a Scooby Doo lunch box to make sure the Mystery Machine is along for the ride :)  

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  I think it has something to do with growing up in Arizona and Halloween usually marked a significant weather change, when wearing a light sweater or a long sleeve shirt was finally feasible after the long hot summer.  Suffice to say, I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year.  Even if it means I have to don a red wig, reading glasses, an orange sweater and long orange socks!  Well..........maybe.


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