Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pajama Time

"So Big!"

I am finally able to complete most sentences again, at least most of the time. We are still a little shocked, but very happy. In the day following the incredible news, we had a very stressful 24 hours when the US Post Office misplaced some important documents that we had sent over night Express. They have been located and delivered and we breathed a sigh of relief. Now we just have to hope that everything else runs smoothly.

Sophia had been sitting on our laps when we saw the first pictures of Keenan. She smiled and squealed 'baba'! Of course, she might sing a different tune when she is no longer an only child. We are going to do our best to make sure she knows that she is very loved no matter who joins our family.

In the meantime, life with Sophia continues as normal (with the exception of two very excited parents). So until we get a travel date for the little guy, we will rejoin our daily lives.

Considering that Sophia's favorite book this week is "Pajama Time" by Sandra Boynton, it is perfect that Donna's photo challenge this week is 'pajamas'. Sophia has taken to wearing her squeaky shoes over her pajamas these days. She does think it is rather amusing when I try to pry them over her feet pjs, but she takes even more delight in running around the house with them.

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And just because blogger is being cooperative, here are a few more recent photos.....Bundled up and new sweater from Aunt Kimberley

And because I can't resist putting his picture up one more time....Here is Keenan, again :) I didn't think anyone would mind.....


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Mrs. D said...

Jammy to the left, jammy to the right, jammy to Vietnam, now, that's outta sight!

- k, f & c

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Kimber and Chris said...

Wow that was fast - so glad the docs were found already.
She looks like a peanut in the snowsuit and love the photo of her sweater- thank you!
I guess this means a CA trip in Jan is out? Can't wait to hear travel news!

At 6:34 AM, Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I LOVE the fact that she wears her shoes over her pjs too. Our girls think it's just the best thing ever and grab their shoes every morning and beg me to jam them on over their huge feety pajamas. So cute!


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