Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update on our Vietnam Adoption

Every day, I go the mail box with equal parts excitement and dread. I keep hoping that we our 171-H will show up. We were finger printed the day before Thanksgiving and if this was San Francisco, I know it would be arriving any day now. Alas, we are in Michigan, and there is just know way how much longer it is going to take.

We have actively started working on our dossier and suspect it will be completed and ready for authentication by next week. The 171-H, of course, might be lagging behind, but in the meantime, I'll keep going to the mail box, all the while, holding my breath.

If we actually do get the USCIS approval soon, there is a good chance things will move along in the near future. Vietnamese New Year, Tet, is being celebrated at the end of February this year, so that very well might have an impact on how this unfolds.

Unlike Sophia's adoption, I have not allowed myself to start to decorate Keenan's room. I guess it's just that I have been on this roller coaster ride before and am not eager to set myself for the sadness I felt every time I went by an empty crib. I did allow myself to buy the bumper for his crib, but it is stored for the time being. Once we have our referral, I'll probably more inclined to start nesting.

So I guess the update is; things are moving forward, then they are not, then we are waiting for something to move forward again. I know, big surprise!

In the meantime, here is a picture of Sophia practicing opening her Christmas gifts.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Chris Ayers & Kelly Kline said...

So exciting to hear about your progress with adoption #2! Great to hear from you, and sending lots of bay area vibes your way. --Kelly

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Kimber and Chris said...

I hope this ones goes much more smoothly. Is that Sophia's new dvd player she is sitting on?


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