Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Yup, that is how it feels to me, like I have been far removed from blogger land for some time now. There is a pretty simple reason for my absence...for the past month, Colin has been in Denver training on a new airplane. He upgraded to the 767, although I have to say it will probably be short lived when United starts parking some planes in the fall, we will just have to see.

Colin's prolonged absence has been very tough on the kids so we made two extended trips to visit him. He was having to do so much studying that we only got to see him a couple of hours a day but the kids were ecstatic to spend time with him (so was I). The kids were amazingly good in the hotel and Keenan actually slept all night, a not so small miracle in itself. Now he is on his inaugural trip on his new plane and will hopefully have five days off when he completes it.

We got to visit with my cousin and her husband and we all went to the Denver Zoo together. The kids adorded Aunt Betsy and Uncle John (yes, I know they are actually second cousins, but it just has a better ring to it).

Keenan tries out Uncle John's glasses.....


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