Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tee Time

I'm so terribly remiss in keeping up with the blog.  So much to update on but for now, I wanted to have Daddy see some photos of his four year old Birthday Boy, so here it goes.......

The new community we live in offers free golf and tennis lessons once a month and the kids are missing their Daddy so much, I wanted to keep them busy.  They really weren't enthusiastic about going in 107 degree heat but, as it turned out, they stayed cool and had a great time.  

More photos and posts coming in the next day or two......stay tuned (that is if anyone still reads this blog :)

p.s.  Does the heat and the photo of the cactus give you a hint as to where we moved?  


At 2:06 PM, Blogger Mary McG in TN said...

I am so glad that you have posted. I check in every once in a while and you are MIA.

I sincerely hope that all is well with the children and their new environment! You have really fooled me as to where you moved. I really thought that you were going back to Chicago (?).

If it was 107 degrees and all was well you are in a low humidity (or no humidity) dessert. There are many in the SW ... trying to think of an airport that a Japanese plane would fly to deposit passengers. Are you outside of LA?

Glad to hear that you are settled. Keep us lurkers informed ... please. :-)


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