Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Beefy and Casey

Many moons ago, when Colin was still flying for United, he went to England and brought home a stuffed Queen's Guard for Sophia.  I mistakenly thought it was a Beefeater Guard and Sophia named the bear "Beefy".  My English mother-in-law was dismayed by my error and quickly corrected me. But the damage was done and the name Beefy stuck.  He and Bunny (Rabbity) are Sophia's favorite stuffed animals.  

Keenan's favorite stuffed animal isn't actually his at all.  His favorite is his class mascot, a little black bear named Casey.  Keenan got another turn taking Casey for the week.  He carries her everywhere, she even went to Hawaii with us. Of course, every once in a while, he forgets where he put Casey and it takes a family effort to locate the wayward bear. On this visit, Keenan inexplicably put Casey in a play kitchen drawer and promptly forgot where he put her. An hour of searching later, Sophia finally located Casey.  This was a great relief to me because I had visions of having to tell his teacher, Miss Pattee, that Keenan misplaced Casey.

With that in mind, I found out where Miss Pattee originally got Casey.  I have since arranged for Casey's identical twin sister, "Kacee" (replete with the requisite jingly kitty collar) to pay a visit on Valentine's Day and join our family. I'm certain that Casey will remain Keenan's favorite, but I'm sure that Keenan will still be thrilled to meet Kacee.  


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