Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Boy, a Girl, a Dog and the Owl

This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but I am just getting around to posting it.....

Picture this, Colin is in Japan, it is evening and I'm eagerly awaiting 7pm so I can put the kids into their beds and make a beeline for my own bed to catch up on some much needed and wanted sleep. At 8pm, I blissfully crawl into my bed and am asleep within minutes. The only problem is that I find myself rudely awakened at 10pm by Keenan. He has been sick and now sounds like he is determined to cough up one of his lungs. Bleary eyed, I give him a breathing treatment then I put him in the shower to help open up his lungs. After a half an hour of him singing happily away in the shower, his coughing spasms finally ease up and I bundle him up and put him in our room on the air mattress.

I instantly fall asleep again only to be awakened a short while later by the sound of crying. This time, it is Sophia, and she is having a night terror and I'm unable to wake her up. She alternates between whimpering and convulsive sobbing. I get out the other air mattress and now Sophia is now also in our room, the whimpers and sobs continue intermittently.

Sleep comes a little slower this time, but within an hour, I am in dreamland once more. That is, until I hear the dog throwing up. Cleaning up the mess, letting Marz out, and then feeding a small meal of rice cereal to help settle his stomach and it is now 1 am. I am longing to sleep and curl into my pillow hoping that everyone is taken care of and I can finally get some rest.

Only one there is a owl hooting next to our house. Ordinarily, I like to hear an owl, and usually they hoot for a few minutes and move on. But this one is hooting up a symphony, one that does not stop for three hours. Believe me, I was awake and got to count every one of those hours.

The next day, the world got cranky Kat. I truly feel sorry for anyone who had the misfortune to cross paths with me that day. But I have to admit that, since then every time I hear an owl, I manage to smile at the memory of that crazy night, one I hope not to repeat ANY time soon.


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