Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January 2006

We have found out that is not likely we will travel with group 109. Group 109 got their referrals a couple of weeks ago along with 112 priority. We were still hopeful that we would be included in a batch of referrals that is thought to be coming in late January. Kat spoke with our agency yesterday and was told it is 90% likely we will be traveling in May.

We are very disappointed but thankfully Kat had already experienced her emotional meltdown the week prior when some rumors had circulated suggesting that we would not be going in March. We are both coping with the news better today and are trying to rationalize why this is for the best. It is really isn't for the best in our estimation, but what else can you do?

In the meantime, last week we purchased a high chair and put it together and yesterday, we assembled the crib and that felt good, even if it is way premature. The room looks much more complete.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Donna said...

The crib is cute! I love the bedding. It's Pottery Barn Kids, right? The little sheep print?

I hope you travel with 109. It doesn't seem impossible unless you don't get your referral before the end of next month. Without knowing your LID, it's hard to try to speculate.

Until then, please know that we're on pins and needles with you!


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Chamois Lambie lives in North Carolina, too,in our little Olivia's room...if and when our TA will ever get here. Hang in there - it's coming...

Sending lots of referral vibes your way...


At 6:51 AM, Blogger Mrs. D said...

FANTASTIC meeting you at Donna's on Saturday. And, your nursery looks fantastic. If ony we were all as talented as your mom! grins, kristin

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Chris Ayers & Kelly Kline said...

Kat & Colin -- The only thing that could possibly improve your wonderful blog is Sophia's darling photo... Which is for sure coming in double-digit DAYS. (A great way to to think of it!) We sure enjoyed meeting you in person, and we'll be following along as the countdown begins in earnest. Our best to you during this time of many life changes. Kelly & Chris (and Helen)


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