Friday, July 07, 2006

More Birthday Fun

Colin's Birthday Poem for Sophia

Sophia, Sophia
You are one year old today
So glad we can celebrate together
It's your first Birthday, Hooray!

The many roads you have traveled
Now with family this great day
It is your very first one
"Happy Birthday" we all say

You're crawling and playing hard
Trying to walk on your own
Your laughing, smiling, and exploring
How much in one year you have grown

This first you've shared with friends and family
all here
Nana and Oompa singing their lullaby
Mommy and Daddy proud, holding you near

The twinkles and the smiles
The goos and the gaaaas you possess
Melts the hearts around you
We all love you we confess

You've been great in every way
Trying foods of every kind
Stroller rides, backpacks, car seats
Never seeming to mind

Now with new toys and books
Swing, push bike, pictures and panda
Everyone's generosity
Keeping you busy till Santa

Sophia's first outfit suffered a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson

Jill helped Sophia model her replacement outfit which stayed properly fastened throughout the party

Blogger can be temperamental and only allows me to put just so many photos on any one post. I had lots more photos of Sophia's Birthday Party so here it goes:


At 8:41 AM, Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Happy birthday Sophia! Looks like a rockin' good time with that cool cake and all. :-)

At 8:13 AM, Blogger K. said...

Hi! My husband and I are just beginning the process of China adoption. I am enjoying reading about others' experiences and I happened to come across your site.

You truly have one of the loveliest journals I have ever seen. Your family is sooo beautiful! Every time I read a new entry, I called my husband over and said, "You must look at this!" :) I hope you don't mind me linking your journal on mine so I can keep up with your wonderful new adventures with Sophia!

Many best wishes!



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