Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sophia meets more family

This past week, Sophia got to meet more of Colin's side of the family, and boy, did she have fun! Unfortunately, somehow we failed to get a photo of her with her Aunt Kathy. I guess we will just have to visit soon to make up for it.

Sophia and her Uncle Barry

With cousin Brett

With cousin Rachel, chillin' at the beach

With cousin Kaleigh cooling off from being beach bums

Today Sophia underwent some 'minor' surgery to have tubes placed in her ears. She has been suffering from chronic ear infections and fluid pooling in her middle ear. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor we took her to felt that this was the best way to help her ear problems and hopefully minimize her intake of antibiotics.

She came through like a trooper. It was absolutely heart wrenching seeing her expression when they took her out of arms to do the surgery. She apparently was not overjoyed by who she saw when she woke up and let her displeasure be known to the entire outpatient wing. We were quickly summoned and she dissolved into our arms and finally calmed down. The ride home consisted mostly of convulsive crying spells. She wanted nothing more than food (which we had to ration after having been under a general) and to be held, which just wasn't safe. We got a lot more smiles this afternoon and she seems to be babbling more with a greater variety of sounds. Perhaps things no longer sound like she has a bucket over head. Her naps have been long and parallel the simile, "sleeps like a log," she has hardly moved since Colin coaxed her to sleep two hours ago.

Now we have to be the meanies again and wake her up for dinner, Tylenol and ear drops. Maybe she will forgive us in 20 years, then again, maybe she won't.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Aunt Kathy said...

I feel jipped! I guess the kids never wanted to give up any time with Sophia. They absolutely adored her! You will have to come visit us soon because I feel left out not being on the blog site. Am I the only family member that is on this site?
Thanks so much for having us we had a wonderful time. Hope to see you soon! Love Aunt Kathy


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