Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Happy Kids

Here is a sampling of some gifts from family that the kids were enthralled with. Thanks to everyone who have put smiles on the faces of Sophia and Keenan this Christmas.

They also absolutely love playing the Ni Hao Kailan Wii game friends Michelle and Adam sent us. Keenan's Hess car was from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Barry. The Playdough Monkey was from Uncle Mike and Aunt Laurie, along with Sophia's sing along princess boom box. Sophia's sparkly purse (complete with money and gift card) was courtesy of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Barry.

The new hats were made by Grandma, along with a James train and a stamping kit. Salty and Thomas train for Keenan, the Hyper Jump game and pretty shirt for Sophia were gifts from Nana and Opah.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger M3 said...

Merry Christmas guys!! Loved your Christmas card and update, and sending good wishes for a warm, family-filled 2010.


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