Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singing in the Rain....

Keenan absolutely loves music and dancing. He is also fond of making up songs. He usually takes a look at a photo and will make up lyrics about what he thinks is going on. The best part....he is quite good at it.

We have "Singing in the Rain" on DVD and the other night I wondered if he might like watching it. I was fully prepared to turn it off if the kids were disinterested but I needn't have worried. Keenan was absolutely transfixed. He especially loved the scene with Donald O'Connor singing and dancing to "Make Em' Laugh." The kids asked to watch several numbers a second time. During the second run of "Singing in the Rain," Keenan got into the act and started tried to keep up with Gene's fantastic  dancing . During Keenan's performance, he decided to do a flip worthy of Donald O'Connor. Thankfully, he didn't hurt himself, but it was quite the somersault (with arms fully extended), yikes!

These days, Keenan is preoccupied with giving himself new creative names and then gets very upset if someone fails to refer to him by that name. Some recent examples include: Purple Girl Skater, Pink Girl Butterfly, and Boy Skater. Actually the list is endless and sometimes he changes his name several times in the span of an hour. It has gotten to the point that we tell him that he can only be Keenan or one other name until the next meal comes along.

Anyway, after watching "Singing in the Rain," Keenan had a new name "Green Girl" to add to his list. Green Girl was inspired by the fantasy sequence with Syd Charisse. She was dressed in green from head to toe and Keenan thought it was pretty cool.

I had already planned on enrolling Sophia in a dance class when we got back from Hawaii, but I think I had better plan on signing Keenan up too. I have a strong feeling we will be attending a lot of school plays and musicals when Keenan gets old enough.


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