Friday, October 08, 2010


Sophia hates wearing pants.  I strongly suspect that one of the reasons she loves being in Arizona because she can wear dresses nearly every day.  There is only one problem.....she sometimes forgets to put on her underwear.

Because of this intermittent oversight, I do an "underwear check" before we leave the house to take her to school.  However, today I was running late and in my rush, I forgot to do this routine check. So I took her to school, completely unaware she had chosen today to go commando.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later.  I was getting my hair done and my hair dresser had just finished putting in the last of my highlight foils when I heard my cell phone ring.  Because the kids are in school, I always check to see who is calling just in case the school needed to get a hold of me for some emergency.  Sure enough, it was Sophia's school and my heart went into my throat, thinking she had gotten hurt.  I should have picked up on the embarrassed tone of the woman who was calling.  After reassuring me that Sophia was not injured, she paused and said "umm...a fellow student noticed that Sophia wasn't wearing any undergarments today and we were wondering if you could bring some."  Looking at myself in the mirror, with foils sticking out in every direction, bearing a strong resemblance to the Bride of Frakenstien, I asked her if it was possible if I could bring the missing wardrobe pieces at lunch time. Fortunately, that was agreeable to the school. 

At lunch time, I sauntered into the lunch room and ambled up to Sophia and asked her to accompany me to the rest room.  She followed me without protest but when I started to take her into the stall, she said "but Mommy, I don't have to go the bathroom" I replied, "ahhh, but I think you do" pulling her Fancy Nancy underwear out of my purse with a flourish.  She giggled and said "I guess I forgot my underwear" and put them on without further delay.

When I picked her up from school and talked to her teacher.  She was very nice about it and fortunately, it was one of Sophia's girl friends that noticed the commando status and privately brought it to the teacher's attention.  

In the future, I don't think I will ever forget to check Sophia's underwear status.


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