Monday, April 30, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Scooby Doo Band aid mustache 
 Keenan's school holds a Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday every year. This year, Keenan capitalized on his band aid mustache for some comic relief.  To be clear, he is wearing the band aid because he fails to understand the concept of kleenex and when he has a runny nose, insists on fiercely wiping his nose with his hand or sleeve.  Leaving his upper lip, raw and red.  The only remedy has been to slap a band aid to remind him to leave it alone.
Backwards jeans, mismatched socks, pink oversized shirt and a band aid mustache made up Wacky Wednesday

Looking Snazzy in Aunt Larissa and Uncle Doug's coat/ hat combo, pay no mind to the boy in the t-rex pjs and band aid mustache.  


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