Thursday, October 28, 2010

Block Party

We have some really nice neighbors and they are far more social and extroverted than we are. They are able to throw a block party together with a moment's notice and don't seem to exhibit even the slightest amount of stress.  As for me? I have always been an introvert and tend to be uncomfortable in large gatherings.  Sophia seems to take after me while Keenan is ready to be the life of the party.  

Sophia did have a chance to play "Feed the Kitty" with some new friends while Keenan focused on keeping his distance from another little boy who had been monopolizing the electric car for most of the evening.  Keenan finally got his chance to ride the car and he wasn't about it give it back after only riding it for three minutes.  With each pass, Keenan eyed the little boy warily because the boy kept pursuing him.  Keenan rode for another five minutes and then gallantly drove up to a girl that had been waiting and handed the car over to her with a flourish, but not before staring down the other little boy who tried his best to oust it from the little girl. Apparently, chivalry can still be found, even among four year olds.  


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