Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trains and the Park

Today Sophia had a play date for three hours and Keenan was very upset that he couldn't go with her. It was time for some quality Mother and Son time.

Our community has a really unique feel to it. Residents jokingly say they don't like leaving the 'compound', it has most of the amenities you could ever need and some really wonderful parks. I love that we are in a somewhat remote suburb but there are times that I feel like I'm in Chicago's Lincoln Park area. Now that the weather has cooled down a bit, there is so much activity in our community. People walking, running, riding bikes, playing Frisbee, huge cookouts in the park, ducks to be fed, playgrounds to be played, and most importantly for Keenan.....trains to be ridden.

The kiddie train that loops the perimeter of the main park is a highlight for him. He always begs to go on it (which isn't always easy because it's really not that cheap) and he smiles from ear to ear and cuddles up close as the train plods along. The park is always playing the Beatles at the train depot and Keenan loves to tell me "listen, I think that's the Beatles" I praise him for his astute ear and then we play the game of- whose singing, John or Paul...he almost always gets this wrong but he is so proud when he gets it right with his second guess :)

So today I felt so incredibly lucky to spend three hours in the park with our son. Riding a train, feeding the ducks (especially the funny looking one with the strange beak), playing in the playground and getting ice cream. Yes, indeed, I so enjoyed trains in the park with Keenan.


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