Monday, May 22, 2006

Colin's poem for the group

NO WORDS can explain
From her first father and mother
Little girl in our arms
Kisses hugs we smother.

The feeling of completeness
overwhelming joy she brings
Showing us new life
Amazement of all things.

Smiles, laughter, cries
We love them all
Giving her our best
Together we learn to crawl.

NO WORDS can thank the group enough
For the great memories we'll all take
The morning breakfast, shopping, walks
Dinners with grub, frog, and snake.

Our lives linked forever
Our daughters their sisters
Growing up their separate ways
Forever fellow cribsters.

The red thread
Which now connects the group
Sharing all and everything
From first crawls and first poop.

NO WORDS can xshie xshie enough Norman
And your US and China team
The way we all look at our daughters
Our thanks the way we beam.

Paperwork, appointments, traveling
Helping every step of the way
Sincerely we give our thanks
Every moment of every day.

One or two more times for us
Our Guangzhou paths will cross again
We wish USAA smooth roads
And best wishes until then.

So a toast to all our new found family
And to the children brought together
United we will be
For the red thread we'll hold FOREVER!


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