Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One more day

In some ways it is hard to believe we are only in Guangzhou for one more day. Then we are on our way to Hong Kong, where we have to stay two nights and then on home, YEAH!

I will miss the people we have traveled with and whom we have gone through this incredibly intense experience. I will miss the wonderful massages. I will miss having my laundry done for me. I will miss having the domestic duties taken care of by someone else.

I won't miss the bed that feels like the mattress is made out of plywood. I won't miss the food. I won't miss the humidity or the constant rain.

I will look forward to sleeping in our own bed. I will look forward to hugging my Mom and petting our dogs and riding my horse. I will look forward to fixing my own food and getting Sophia settled into her life with us.

I don't look forward to a 14 hour plus plane ride with an infant. I don't look forward to Colin having to go back to work right away. I don't look forward to the jet lag. I don't look forward to trying to integrate the dogs with Sophia. I don't look forward to having to do the laundry or cleaning the house. Most of all, I don't look forward to having Sophia missing her Daddy when he is at work. Come to think of it, I am going to miss him to.

So it is a mixed bag all together, as are most things in life. You take the good with the bad and look for the things that make it all worthwhile. Like seeing your daughter's face light up when you walk into the room, or hearing the bursts of giggles when you do something silly. Or watching her learn something new for the first time. Or watch her face change expressions when she tries new foods (except peas of course). Like watching your daughter cuddle with her father and see how tenderly he holds her. These are the things that make it all worthwhile. I sometimes can't quite believe that I almost missed it because for the longest time, I did not want children. Of course, that was before I met Colin, then everything changed because I knew he would be an amazing Father, and I was right.

To all the families who we met on this trip, safe travels home and I certainly hope our paths cross again. To all the families waiting, it is worth the wait, through all its anguish and disappointment, it is worth it.

To our families, please meet our newest member, Sophia Mingci. We can't wait until you see her in person!


At 9:22 PM, Blogger hedgehogman said...

well so do your family I think, they will happy to see you back home. Anyway enjoy your last holiday.

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I got chills reading that, Kat. Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly personal experience with us. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful little daughter in person as soon as you're home and settled and ready for company. I hope the flight home is comfy!



At 5:07 AM, Blogger Kimber and Chris said...

This made me sweet and loving and tender.
You made this trip so special for us- through all the ups and downs and Tuesday's illnesses and mine and not getting to do as many fun things together as I would have liked. Just having the three of you here and constantly feeling loved and supported by you was such a gift.
We must rendezvous soon sometime this summer.
With so much love to three of you from three of us!
Kimber, Chris & Tuesday xx


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