Wednesday, October 05, 2005

107 Gets Their Referrals

Group 107 just got their referrals! For those friends of ours new to this whole process, referrals are when the families find out what child is going to be theirs. They find out the approximate age, weight and height, some basic information about the baby and a picture!

It is always so exciting to see the referrals come in. It is also bittersweet because of course Colin and I are anxious to meet Sophia and would love to fast forward to group 110 getting their referrals. Still, every day we are getting closer and this whole thing is starting to feel more real.

We picked out our crib bedding set the other day at Kid's Pottery Barn. I had found a pattern there I really liked but I could not justify the expense. So we had picked out another pattern at Babies R Us but we were not as happy with it. The other day, I happened to check the website for KPB and found that the set we wanted was on sale...REALLY on sale! We ran to the store and got the set and not a minute too soon because they were already almost sold out.

Since we won't be going to traveling anywhere exotic any time soon, I am going to post a picture of our trip to Ireland this past May.

The photo on the left happened when I hopped on and hitched a ride on one of the cart ponies that make their way from one end of the Gap of Dunloe to the other without a handler. The photo on the right is one of Colin's beautiful photographs.