Saturday, April 12, 2008

A long, overdue haircut!

Book time

Blueberry face

Keenan's enthusiasm for blueberry pancakes represents a huge step forward. These photos do not do the mess justice. Syrup and blueberries in the hair, the ears and just about everywhere else. We welcome it.

Good day mate.....

Keenan's new summer hat. He actually kept it on, much to my amazement. Hopefully this trend lasts throughout the summer months. When he got his stitches, the doctor emphasized keeping his face shaded and covered with sunscreen to minimize the scarring.

p.s. The great fish cup came from Target. The only down side is that the lid does not screw on. A fact we found out belatedly when the Keenan used it for target practice and then cried over his spilt milk.


Go Dog and Yertle are snuggle favorites in this house.

Deck Hands

Last week was spring project time. Number one project? Clean and stain the deck. Fortunately, we had some help.

I don't normally dress the kids in such an eclectic manner, but it was the best we could do for paint clothes.

I bought goggles to protect their eyes. They loved them and still ask to put them on.

Study and Contemplation

For the past several weeks, Colin has been diligently studying for his pending upgrade to a new aircraft. The kids observed his efforts and felt they should join in the 'fun'. Now Sophia has learned a lot more about Colin's new fleet than any 2 1/2 year should know.

After all that studying, apparently everyone felt the need to contemplate their efforts.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fish Sitters

Sophia and Keenan have been dubbed official fish sitters. Friends of ours are going out of town and asked us if we could watch their daughter's fish. So far, the fish is surviving in our house hold and the kids love watching him. His name is Uno and he is a pretty red Beta.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"I'm Stuck"

I recently wrote this to one of my friends and I decided it should be documented on the blog.

It went something like this: I have a little funny Keenan moment to relay. I wish this one had been caught on videotape because it was priceless. It is harder to imagine if you don't know how Keenan says things, but I will tell it anyway.

The other day, Marz (our dog) was lying on the side of our steep hill with his ball. Keenan wanted to throw the ball to Marz so Colin called Marz to come up thinking that Marz would bring the ball. When Marz came up the hill minus the ball, Keenan decided he would go down the hill to retrieve it. While facing down the hill, he stooped to pick up the ball and then couldn't get his upper body to rise up again. Hands on the ground, butt in the air, he started stating in a matter of fact manner, "I'm thuck, I'm thuck" (I'm stuck), over and over again. Colin, with his fatherly intuition, decided to let it go one for a minute or so to see if said son could figure his way out of said predicament. His attempts to right himself were falling short and as Colin went down the hill to rescue him and said "I'm coming buddy", Keenan made the mistake of looking back up at Colin, who then heard "uh-oh, uh-oh" a mere second before Keenan did a face plant, butt still up in the air. He was unhurt, so it was impossible not to burst out laughing because it really was so dang cute and funny.

Unfortunately, there are no video or photos to document the moment, but sometimes, visualization and imagination can suffice.