Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sophia's Mug Shot

This reminds me so much of a booking photo. Blogger was being stubborn and would not attach this photo to the last post and I wouldn't want anyone to miss her great mug shot!

Words fail me, but Sophia's Photo says it all!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have a daughter!

Mingci Zhan (soon to be Sophia-we are still working on her middle name)
Zhanjiang SWI
Born: 07/06/05
Weight: 6 kg (13 pounds give or take)
Height: 61.5 (24" ? give or take)
Is not yet teething

According to her SWI, Mingci is a deep sleeper, likes to suck her fingers, laughs, smiles easily, is active and restless (I'd better step up my daily runs to keep up with her), likes music (Mother Mary and Father Jack, are you paying attention? and reading picture books, loves toys, knows her name and is close to her caretaker.

I know this information is nearly 3 months old and can sometimes be off, but I like what I am reading and I am head over heels about this little girl.

We feel incredibly grateful for the impending addition to our family.

I'm going to post her referral photos-if blogger lets me :)
p.s. to my knowledge, she does not have a lot of spots or a skin disorder, but the photos had some small scratches on them and when they are scanned, it gets really magnified!

p.p.s. Congratulations to all the families that just got their referrals! I don't know what anyone else is feeling, but I can't quite believe this day has finally come. I am exhausted from flying down to LA to get her referral packet but it sure was worth it. A special thanks to my friend Kimberley (and her husband Chris) who were kind enough to pick it up from our agency and bring out to LAX to give it me. I am forever in your debt.

When I have more energy, I will post how this day unfolded, quite a day!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ??????

Colin, Cat, and Maja

Gwen unwraps


Marz contemplates having a baby around

Gwen and Colin


One at a time?

Andrew, Donna, Cameron and Faye

Ok, so maybe 2 was too optimistic....how about one photo at time? Or how about I just ask my blog, very nicely, please let me post 2 photos at at time??? Pretty please? With chocolate on top?

More Shower Photos

Gwen and Merrick

Ok, on the information super highway, I am limping along on the dirt road. I can't figure out how to post more than 2 photos without my blog willfully ignoring me. Therefore, I will just have to post them 2 at a time and drag the whole thing out :)

Shower Day!!!

Saturday was baby shower day! The snacks got made, the decorations were hung, the balloons flew and the people came.

We had a wonderful day. Thanks to all that came, Cat, Michelle, Adam, Doug, Larissa, Pam, Donna, Andrew, Gwen, Scott, Tanya, Selene, Cheryl, Craig, Renee, Roxanne, Cameron, Faye, Merrick and Maja. Mom, Mom Judith, and all of our friends and family who wanted to be there but could not make it, we missed you but sometimes the logistics are just too much. No matter, you were there in our hearts.

I ate too much chocolate. Way too much chocolate...It was all Pam's fault because she made Dove chocolate covered strawberries, who could resist? I tried to make up for it by running an extra mile today, but I think it going to take an extra 10 to repent for the damage I did yesterday. My jeans are begging me to run that extra 10 and fast.

We really had a wonderful time but of course we wish we had Sophia's photo to share with everyone. When that photo finally comes, we will just have another excuse to celebrate!

Thanks again for everyone's generosity and willingness to play silly games.

I'll see how many photos I can manage to download before my computer implodes!

p.s. Kimberley is having her shower today and I hope she has a wonderful time.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Colin and I have spent the last several days purging our files and trying to organize our house. I suppose the best explanation is a bad case of nesting!

Yesterday we sent off our passports to get Chinese Visas. It is starting to feel like something is happening, we just wish we had our referral and the photo of our little girl.

Tomorrow it is Baby Shower Day and I am very excited about seeing our friends and taking the day to celebrate. Again, it would be more fun if we had some information about Sophia but we are taking it one day at a time.

Look for Baby Shower pictures next....