Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Bitter and the Sweet

So here is the sweet: First call yesterday (February 27th)

The bitter: Our referral is likely a month off (long story, not worth retelling)

Sophia, we will meet soon and we can't wait!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Are we there yet?

As I write this post, I find my nerves are strung tighter than a string on a guitar. We are SO close, I can feel it. The rumors are starting on the May DTC board and all indicate that referrals are imminent for those of us with May DTC (13th and on). An additional rumor has surfaced that matching for June DTC will begin on March 1st.

I just wish I could feel excitement about these rumors rather than dread. It's just that I have a STRONG feeling that our agency could hold our referrals from us until 109 gets to China (March 3rd) or until they can combine our referrals with group 111. I wish I did not have this belief but apparently our agency has held referrals in the past. I want to be optimistic but this process has taken so much longer than I could have ever anticipated and it is hard to feel that anything will actually finally come together. I thought the closer that we got, the easier it would become but it seems to be just the opposite. I feel like a little kid on a car trip again, asking my parents every five minutes "are we there yet?"

Colin finally got a training date assigned for his return to United and he will be leaving for Chicago soon. I am hoping that we will have our referral before he leaves so we can look at our little girls' picture together, it would mean so much!

In the meantime I will ask the universe, "are we there yet?" and keep asking until the phone call comes.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

February is here at last

Most of us waiting to adopt from China just couldn't wait to get through January. In order for this process to move forward, Chinese New Year needed to come and go. CCAA reopens on Monday and hopefully that means they will soon get back to 'matching' referrals.

In the meantime, Colin has been kept very busy taking pictures for my police department's trading cards that will be used to give the kids while I am the DARE officer. It has been a good project (translation: distraction) for both of us.

We are heading to Michigan to visit my Mom soon, I expect that will also be a good distraction for us. The latest rumor is that our agency is likely to get our referrals at the end of February. It is one rumor that I sure hope is true!