Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Tooth!

After weeks and weeks of chewing, fussing, resumed night time wakings and general crankiness, I am happy to report that Keenan cut his first tooth some time in the past 24 hours. He seems quite pleased with himself and we are hoping that he might be returning to his some full nights of sleep and his cheerful demeanor.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lake Michigan Sunset

While Colin's Mom was visiting, we got to enjoy a beautiful Lake Michigan sunset. I think the adults were more impressed than the kids.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Picking Time

In Michigan it is apple picking time. Our friends, Kendra and Tim invited us on an outing and the kids had a wonderful time.

Kendra leads the way and Sophia gives her directions.

Keenan and Sophia get news hats!

Colin's Mom (Grandma) came to visit for Keenan's Birthday. She come bearing some new hats that she made for Sophia and Keenan. They are adorable! (both the kids and the hats). Thank you Grandma, it is a great way to face the upcoming winter!

Birthday Fun!

The night before his first birthday, Keenan got a sneak preview of his cake and got to test out the icing. He pretty much gagged on the cake when he actually got to try it, but he thought the icing was quite tasty.

Taking Keenan's birthday present (from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Adam) for a test drive. They both LOVE this toy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Keenan

Happy Birthday to our dear Keenan
Grandma, Nana, and Opah here
The Hackney's joining the celebration
To celebrate your one year

As your first one comes upon us
With our love and over joy
All the changes to your life
From Nam baby to ALL U.S. Boy

The reflux, projectile vomiting
Medication calming it some
Aspirating, milk allergy, gagging
Look how far you've come.

Unable to roll or sit
To the fastest crawler to be
Now standing and taking steps a many
From one to now thirty three.

Gooing, gawing, loud yelling
Your da's becoming daddies
While your Mmm's are coming out a bit
As you work on your Mommies

Curiosity, smiling, and laughing
Your paths of destruction every day
No's not seeming to mean much
As you continue along your way

Tolerating Sophia's hugs and kisses
And her abuse here and there
Still you look at her with smiles
Seeming to know she'll get her share

The sleepless nights and hard feedings
The diarrhea and constipation
We've done it all together
With the tears and jubilation

The First year you've overcome
Telling a lot about your fight.
Your family always here with love
Every hour of the day and night.

*Written by Daddy on this day, your first birthday

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keenan is All Boy!

No question, Keenan Bear is all boy! He has gone from being the quietest little tike on earth to the LOUDEST! He is trying to walk nearly everywhere. Try is the operative word! More falls and walls then this Mom can hardly take, but it is still amazing to see him mature and grow.

Monkey See, Monkey Do...........

Sophia is the ultimate imitator, so when Opah started to read a newspaper on a recent visit.....well, it is really self explanatory.