Saturday, April 15, 2006

Additional Information about Sophia Mingci

I thought you all wouldn't mind seeing her beautiful sweet face again.

We recently received a translated document that provided more information about our little girl.

She apparently was found on July 11, 2005.
According to the report:

At 2 months she could hold a pen,
at 3 she was visually following objects,
at 4 months she loved looking at people
at 5 months she could roll over and kick the sides of the crib
at 6 months she put toys into her mouth and could sit up for while holding the crib. Makes the sound "ah-wu" and giggles when played with. She loves being carried and cries when she was put back in the crib. She babbles and she 'speaks' with her caregivers.

Since the document was part of Sophia's dossier, there was no information later than 6 months (when her dossier was sent to CCAA presumably).

It's hard to say how accurate this report is, but it wonderful to receive more information about Sophia Mingci.

Each day we are getting closer!

A practice run with the stroller using Skye as Sophia's stand in!

Our agency told us that their 'target' date for travel was May 11th or 12th. Since everything has taken longer than we expected, I immediately downgraded my expectations and prepared myself for traveling possibly a week later.

This past week, our agency has said that we could travel either May 5th or May 11/12! A whole week earlier? I hadn't even allowed myself to think that was possible! Now of course, nothing is for certain until our '3rd call' comes, but still..... We are not traveling with the group and therefore our agency requires us to arrive well before the group to ensure we are in Guangzhou in time. Translation? We could be leaving in 16 days from now. Wow! Yeah! Yippee! Hurray! Oh my gosh, we have so much to do :0

We expect we will know more by next week. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Colin writes a poem about the happy news!

The day we received our referral, Kimberley took a picture of me as I opened the envelope with Sophia Mingci's photo. With LAX traffic and planes in the background, I first laid my eyes on our beautiful girl.

When I was growing up, we had a tradition in our family. Every birthday, anniversary or important event, my step dad, Jack, would write a poem to mark the occassion.

Not long after we got married, Colin took to the custom and started writing poems for our family. After he returned home from Denver(he was in training for United), he presented me with a poem to celebrate last week's happy news.

Here it goes:

The Referral Picture is in!!!!!
March 27th, 2006

A Cry “It’s here, It’s here” heard from L.A. to San Carlos
The referral picture finally came.
What a relief for one day longer
It definitely would have drove us insane.

Now empty storage and a drive from Phoenix done
In a Budget truck most anyone would hate.
It was time to hop a plane to L.A.
To meet Kimberly, there was no time to wait.

As I was flying the sims and studying too hard
In Denver, requaling for United.
Kat called with the description and picture in hand
I was a DAD and the cigars were lighted.

It was when the picture was first seen and the tears shed
When the red thread found you and me.
An adorable 8 month little baby girl
For now, going by the name Mingci.

Excited, Joyous, Crying, and Smiling
The pictures were all too perfect.
Her frowning, concentrating with one eyebrow raised
Her seeming to know what to expect.

As we anchored the red thread to us both
We sealed her destiny you see.
Cause we will never let go now that we have it
Its forever connected us three.

We were grateful to have our family and friends
To be, as excited as we were.
For Sophia will meet all of these great people one day
As they hug, hold, kiss, and love her.

So thank you to all who made this possible
Especially her brave parents we’ll never know.
Just be assured we will love Sophia Mingci
The red thread we will NEVER let go!

To my beautiful wife for all her hard work during the adoption process.