Saturday, March 07, 2009

Overheard in our house.....

As Colin and I are busy packing for our Japan trip, I have to admit that we have parked the kids in front of the TV watching "Finding Nemo" to keep them occupied. In the midst of all this business, I hear Keenan telling Sophia "I don't like the sharks." Sophia responds by saying "It's OK, I'll take care of you when the sharks show up, don't worry" and put her arm around him. I thought the sweetness of the moment needed to be documented, so here it is.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Once again, weeks behind in posting photos and any updates.  This time, I really have a good excuse, really!  We are busy getting Colin packed up to go to Japan next week.  I'm going as well, for a few days anyway.  For me, it is the first time away from the kids for more than 24 hours (and that was only once).  Needless to say, I'm a bundle of nerves.  But what I'm about to relay was a great moment of comic relief.  

Two days ago, Keenan was having his usual digestive problems.  Translation, he couldn't poop! He is on Miralax daily to cope with this issue but sometimes, it doesn't work as well as it should.  On days like these, my heart aches for him.  He is in great discomfort and will start screaming quite suddenly and roll himself up in a ball at random times throughout the day.

Well, the whole day went by with some small 'successes' but nothing that would relieve what was ailing him.  Finally, as it neared 7 pm, I plunked both kids in the tub and hoped that the warm bath water would move things along.  Well.....let's just say that my plan might have worked a little too well.

Picture this, Keenan is lying on his tummy, playing with his boat.  Sophia is sitting on her bum, playing with her flute.  Keenan looks up at me and says "Mommy, I need to poop," I respond by saying, "hold on, I'm going to get a towel and put you on the potty."  I turn to get the towel, turn back to get our son, and find a HUGE poop in the tub.  Sophia is screaming, Keenan is crying and I am laughing so hard I nearly pee my pants.  The kids were not quick to find the humor in the situation.  

But as I first fished kids (and then poop) out of the tub, (laughing most of the while) and deposited both things in the appropriate places, Keenan calmed down and Sophia began to show a hint of a smile.  While I was brushing her hair, she turned to me and said "Mommy, that poop was the size of a banana!"  a big pause, and she continued "no, it was bigger than a banana."  Right about then, we all started laughing and I realized that this moment could not go undocumented.  So here it is, sorry if anyone doesn't like potty talk but this moment was too funny to pass up.