Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Happy Kids

Here is a sampling of some gifts from family that the kids were enthralled with. Thanks to everyone who have put smiles on the faces of Sophia and Keenan this Christmas.

They also absolutely love playing the Ni Hao Kailan Wii game friends Michelle and Adam sent us. Keenan's Hess car was from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Barry. The Playdough Monkey was from Uncle Mike and Aunt Laurie, along with Sophia's sing along princess boom box. Sophia's sparkly purse (complete with money and gift card) was courtesy of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Barry.

The new hats were made by Grandma, along with a James train and a stamping kit. Salty and Thomas train for Keenan, the Hyper Jump game and pretty shirt for Sophia were gifts from Nana and Opah.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town.....

Colin came home for the holidays this past week. Before we drove home, we made the requisite stop to see Old St. Nick.  This year marked the first year that both children smiled and laughed. No screams of terror rang the halls, yippee!

Actually, Keenan's first move was to tickle Santa, he then launched into an quick but concise run down of his Christmas list.  Sophia was feeling a little shy, so Keenan intervened by using a lot of hand expressions to have an earnest discussion with Santa about Sophia's requests.  Keenan wanted to make absolutely sure that Sophia didn't forget any of the items on her 'list.'  

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mommy, I need to tell you a question.......

I hesitated to post this story, but after giving it some thought, I concluded that the story needed to be documented because it was a part of Keenan's history that was just one of those moments not to be forgotten......... 

I need to preface this post with some clarification about the lingo used in our family.  Although Keenan's nickname is usually Bear, we sometimes also call him Bud.  "Mommy, I need to tell you a question" is Keenan-speak for, I need to ask you something.  Keenan's private parts are referred to as his "package" and his penis is his "willie" (Don't ask me, it's a guy thing).  Since he has been potty training the past few weeks, his willie and package have been figuring prominently in Keenan's vocabulary.  

Now that you have some background,  here it goes.......

At 2am, I was awakened from a deep sleep with a little tug on my sleeve, after I reluctantly pried my eyes open, I saw our sweet son standing by our bed.  The exchange went something like this......

"Mommy, I need to tell you a question." 

Trying to wipe the fog from my brain, I asked "Keenan is everything OK?"

He said more emphatically, "I said, I want to tell you a question!"  

"OK, Bud, what do you want to know?"

"Why is my willie standing up?  I keep pushing it down and it keeps coming back up, why does it do that?"  He then gestured to his pajama bottoms and on the outside of his Lightening McQueen flannel pjs, he attempted to demonstrate by using his hand to push down in the vicinity of his package and said "see, I push it down but it stands back up."  Thankfully, I couldn't see.  But I nearly peed my pjs because I was laughing so hard,.....errr, poor choice of words.  Anyway, when I had regained my composure, I told him, 'well that sometimes happens to little boys and big boys too, but it's nothing to be worried about."  He frowned, thought about it for a moment, and stated "well, I don't like it and I'm going back to bed."  And with that declaration, he stomped back to bed for the remainder of the night.    

Enough said..........

Monday, December 14, 2009

Look out house, here comes the Ginger Bread Train.........

Stroller Time

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funny Faces

Keenan's face is amazingly expressive. But his expressions are often so fleeting, that I'm hard pressed to capture them on camera. However, I did have some success today and when I later reviewed the photos, I just had to laugh. Well, that is, until I heard him wake up for the third time tonight......


We had our first snowfall at our new home. The kids were very excited to go play in it and we managed to create a tiny snowman. As of now, there wasn't enough snow for anything rivaling the snowman Daddy built them last year, but it was fun all the same, and Keenan was quite content driving his trucks around.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Swine Flu Blues

October 16th, Colin's first time to our Seattle home. Later that same day, first me, then Keenan and finally, Sophia, only Daddy managed to escape the dreaded bug. It was not a fun time for any of us, but Keenan's bout was exceptionally bad, fever of 106.7. And as many kids with asthma, his illness turned into bacterial pneumonia, despite early treatment with Tamiflu. Two rounds of powerful antibiotics, and four weeks of being quite sick before he gradually improved, for which we are incredibly grateful.

It took a little longer for my motivation to improve, but Daddy needed some new photos, hence this post and here they are............

Sophia and Braids

Sophia hates having her hair restrained in any, way shape or form, so there were tears when I forced the issue a bit, but she sure looked adorable and smiles were eventually forthcoming.

Thanksgiving Hats courtesy of Daddy Crafts

Tree Hunt