Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Baby

You want what for Christmas?

This year's visit to Santa mirrored Sophia's visit last year, except this time it was Keenan's turn to cry. When Santa asked Sophia what she wanted for Christmas, he was a little mystified when she told him she wanted a vacuum. She got to use a toy vacuum at a friend's house recently and has wanted one ever since then. Keenan is also pretty fixated on them, so we arranged for Santa to bring two.

More cookies

If we make one more batch of cookies, I will have to take to running 12 miles a day. As it is, the 6 miles I put in on my daily run isn't keeping my jeans quite loose enough.

Just sledding around

We haven't had much snow so far, but we were able to have some fun sledding. We were supposed to get 6 inches of snow last night. I was just a tad disappointed when I awoke to a mere dusting.....well, at least it isn't a green Christmas and we are with family, so that makes up for everything.

Just lounging in my new chair

100 Percent Cheese

Need I say more?

Holidays with Grandma

Grandma is visiting for Christmas and the kids have been enjoying their time with her.

Recording the tall Jenga tower.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Tannebaum, Oh Tannebaum

OK, don't be fooled by the 'presents'. We haven't bought out the local stores, it is simply a ruse to keep Keenan from torturing the tree and eating ornaments. We put a wardrobe box on its side and loaded it with cases of bottled water (to prevent Keenan the he-man from budging it) then wrapped it to make it look a little prettier. So far, so good. We are hoping this won't be necessary next year.

Christmas Tree hunting..........

It wasn't like Santa's Christmas Tree Farm in California, but it was still pretty. Make that pretty and cold, very, very cold. So we picked out our tree pretty fast and started sawing. I always feel so bad when we cut a tree down and yet I can't quite bring myself to go the artificial route and living trees never seem to do very well when you try to plant them, especially in a cold climate. So instead it is another year of guilt.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Twas' the Night Before Christmas

We got the kids a beautiful edition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" illustrated by Grandma Moses. Sophia is enchanted by the book and insisted both Opa and Daddy read it to her, repeatedly.

Snow Fall..............

One of my Mom's favorite Christmas songs is "Snow Fall". Our first night of snow reminded me of the song. The kids got to bundle up and take it all in, first hand.

2007 Christmas Card

This year, we entered the brave new world, and composed our Christmas card on Shutterfly. This was one of the photos in the mix. It was amazing, while we were taking this photo, for once, Marz didn't even cringe!

Uses not intended for toys (and dogs)

Lately, Keenan has come up with many uses for toys that I am quite certain were not intended by the manufacturer. Example one? His new 'Keenan Chair' that was an early Christmas present. In the world according to Keenan, this is not a chair, is it a standing device. All the better to launch himself backward off! Just a few tears shed after that demonstration. Next he decided that disco zebra was really not meant to be ridden. Standing on its' back is where its at. Didn't you know? But is that all? Certainly not! There is the Fisher Price garage that acts as a wonderful platform for who knows what and then there is poor Marz. Poor, poor, sweet tolerant Marz. Here is the thing, Keenan loved his pony ride and came to the erroneous conclusion that Marz was a really small pony. To his credit, Marz hasn't complained once, but manages to look quite forlorn all the same. We are quick to remove said child from said dog's back (with the exception of these photos that is-who can pass up this photo op?).
So the end result is that Keenan is having fun and I am certain under my blond hair and highlights, that my hair is 'prematurely' turning grey. I think I will soon need to buy Rolaids by the ton and oh, by the way, did you know that Christmas Tree ornaments were for teething?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some new firsts...........

A few firsts, that I wanted to document.Two days ago, for the first time, Keenan spontaneously kissed me. Since them, he is freely doling out the kisses to me, Colin, Sophia and even Marz.
Two nights ago, he took his first (and second and third) bite of pizza. Yeah!

He has started to say Dada and Mama for real because he is applying it to us.

Today, Sophia went poo poo in the potty for the first time.
Yesterday, my sister and her husband (Aunt Mimi and Uncle Bill) met Keenan for the first time.

That's the good stuff. On the down side, Keenan began vomiting again last night (we had a pneumonia scare last week that landed him in the E.R. on Thanksgiving and almost caused him to be hospitalized), anyway, he has been pretty miserable, and he spent almost the entire night in my arms, why do these things always happen on a weekend? He seems to be a little better today, but certainly not himself.